Windows 7 OpenVPN Tutorial

This page contains information on how to setup your VPN using Windows 7

NOTE: The information described on this page assumes that you have purchased a VPN. If you haven't, you can order one from here for just £5/month.

IMPORTANT: First, please ensure that you have the correct login information, as provided in our login help guide.

Step one: Download OpenVPN by clicking here, and follow the to download OpenVPN. Download and extract the location files from here.

Step two: Open the downloaded OpenVPN file.

Step three: Click next to all the prompts, choose where you want the program installed then install the program. Finish the installation and launch the program.

Step four: Click add on connection profile, chose local file, click import, find the file for your desired location in the extracted folder. Once selected, click save. Click on the profile you've created and input the username and password given in the email from us and click login. You will now be connected to the VPN.

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