iPhone L2TP Tutorial

This page contains information on how to setup your VPN using an iPhone device

NOTE: The information described on this page assumes that you have purchased a VPN. If you haven't, you can order one from here for just £5/month.

IMPORTANT: First, please ensure that you have the correct login information, as provided in our login help guide.

Step one: Open up the "Settings" application on your iPhone. Click "General".

Step two: Click "VPN".

Step three: Click "Add VPN Configuration".

Step four: Click "Type".

Step five: Select "L2TP", then click the back arrow at the top of the window.

Step six: Enter the location name in the "Description", the server name (as found in your VPN Activation email) in the "Server" field, your username and password (as found in your VPN Activation email) in the "Account" and "Password" fields. Your "Secret" can be found in your VPN Activation email. Ensure all other fields match the settings as displayed in this image, then click "Done".

Step seven: Click the slider next to "Status Not Connected" in order to connect.

Step eight: You should now be connected. Repeat these steps for each VPN server location which you wish to add.

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