Login Help

This page contains information on how to login to our VPN service

NOTE: The information described on this page assumes that you have purchased a VPN. If you haven't, you can order one from here for just £5/month.

To login to the client area (for invoices, support, account information etc.): Please navigate to the client area login page, and enter the username and password which you entered when signing up for our service.

To login to the VPN service (to actually connect to a VPN server and secure your connection): Your username and password for the VPN service are visible from within the My Services section of our client area, which you can access here.

Once you've accessed the My Services page, click the name of your service. Once the page loads, click the "Login Information" tab to reveal your username and password for the VPN service.

To then login to the VPN service itself, please follow one of our tutorials, and when asked for your VPN username and password, enter the details found from the "Login Information" tab described above.

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